Ariana Grande - thank u, next (Music video) English & Español Cover

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    Hi There! Welcome to OmarBeMusic! (OBM) Our goal is to create a unique audio/visual experience. Be sure to leave a comment and a like and let us know what songs you want to hear.
    Who are we?
    We are a married peoples who like to make music. We spend our time recording, filming, editing, going to the gym, eating, sleeping, learning...Etc. We do a lot of stuff.
    Omar: The main part of the operation doing pretty much everything from mixing the audio, to filming, to editing, to rapping, along with creating video concepts. If you ask him he'll say he doesn't do anything, but he's a liar.
    Alia: (me, the one writing this) Singer. Sometimes I hold the camera. If the shot is really shaky and just bad in general, it was probably me. I'm not a videographer, but I try.
    Sean: Our right hand man on everything from songwriting to video concepts. He is our go to photographer for all of our social media, and he's also just awesome. You also may hear him singing from time to time!
    Friends: We have some friends and they help us sometimes cause they're awesome.
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    Soundcloud MR.XXX:
    Facebook :
    Alia :

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arianators perez
arianators perez

Tu voz es perfecta pero no queda con el ritmo que le pusieron :v

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Camilo Ochoa
Camilo Ochoa

Fakk 😍😍 lo ame

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Tatiana Parí Velasco
Tatiana Parí Velasco

ME ENCANTA!!!!!! ❤️

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